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Allen-Bradley NEMA Overload Relays

All Bulletin 592 block type relays are furnished with an OPTICAL INDICATOR which becomes visible when the relay has tripped.

A manual contact test module is provided as standard on block type Bulletin 592 overload relays. One N.O or N.C. auxiliary contact may be field added to block type Bulletin 592 overload relays. This extra contact module physically replaces the contact test module.

Current transformer type overload relays extend the use of eutectic alloy type overload protection up through 630A full load currents.

Bulletin 593 is an indirectly-heated, automatic reset non-compensated thermal overload relay.

  • An Allen-Bradley Exclusive-Overload relay is the same for all three trip classes (10, 20, and 30) for each starter size
  • Trip current ratings are easily selected by choosing the proper heater element - no need to change the overload relay
  • The trip free mechanism means you still have overload protection even if the reset button is held down