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Distribution Dry Type Transformers

  • Distribution Dry Type Transformers

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600 Volts Class - Single and Three Phase

Single Phase 0.25 - 167 KVA

Three Phase 3 - 1000 KVA


Standard units are UL listed and are designed in accordance with ANSI. NEMA (ST20) and IEE standards


  • UL listed designs (UL 506)
  • Totally enclosed, non-ventilated, heavy gauge steel enclosure
  • Core and coil completely embedded within a resin compound for quiet, low temperature operation
  • Encapsulation seals out moisture and air
  • UL listed indoor/outdoor enclosure features integral wall mounting brackets
  • Rugged design resists weather, dust, and corrosion
  • Efficient, compact, lightweight, easy to install
  • Flexible wiring leads that terminate within the bottom wiring compartment
  • Large wiring compartment on the bottom with convenient knockouts
  • High quality non-aging electrical grade core steel
  • Precision wound coils
  • UL listed design (UL 1561)
  • Designed for indoor NEMA 2 installations. NEMA 3R enclosures suitable for outdoor locations available as an option
  • Core and coil are designed with UL listed high-temperature materials rated for 220'C; standard units feature 150'C winding temperature rise
  • Optional low temperature rise of 115'C or 80'C winding temperature rise for increased efficiency and additional overload capability
  • Rugged sheet steel enclosure per UL1561, UL506 standards with removable panels for access to the internal wiring area
  • Neoprene noise dampening pads isolate the core and coil from the cnlosure
  • Optional drip shields/weathershield and wall brackets available
  • high quality, non-aging electrical grade core steel
  • Precision wound coils

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Siemens dry type distribution transformers are rated 600 volt class and are available in a wide variety of ratings to provide versatile, lighting and power loads in commercial and industrial applications.

Ratings are available from 0.25 through 167 KVA single phase, and 3 through 1000 KVA 3-phase. A variety of primary and secondary voltage ratings are available to match the load requirements to the distribution system.

All units meet applicable ANSI and NEMA standards. Standard designs are UL Listed.

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The TP1 designs include the use of higher grade electrical steel and other features designed to lower flux density and reduce losses especially at average 35% loading where the TP1 measurements apply. To meet the design engineer must consider both the "I square R" losses and the core or iron loses. Simple de-rating from a higher kVA will not satisfy the TP1 standards as the efficiency level is dependent on the combination of core (no-load) losses and 12R (winding) losses.

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