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GE Auxiliary Contact Kits 1 NC Contact CR305X200B

  • GE Auxiliary Contact Kits 1 NC Contact CR305X200B

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Auxiliary contacts can add to the versatility of magnetic contactors and starters by providing additional control circuits to do a variety of jobs without adding to the width of the starter.

Kits make it easy to add contacts to control accessory equipment such as indication lights; to control sequencing of other motor starters; and, in conjunction with a standard reversing starter and plugging switch, to plug-stop motors. Auxiliary contacts can be added to all across-the-line magnetic starters and contactors, combination magnetic starters, reversing and multi-speed controllers.

Each auxiliry contact is rated 10 Amperes ac, resistive load, NEMA "A600," and is suitable for either right or left side mounting. An insulating shield is also provided between each auxiliary contact unit and the starter. Auxiliary contacts are furnished in the basic block design or as an adder block.

Each contact is marked NO or NC on the block and is not convertible.

Logic reed contacts suitable for low energy level circuits are also available. These are designed for applications on low-voltage control circuits (24 Volts and below), such as inputs to computers and programmable controllers.

Auxiliary Contact Kits for 300-Line Size 0-6 Contactors and Starters (Also Suitable for 200-Line)

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